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Thanks to NZTO technology, our customers saved
277 522
dollars in 2017.

Advantages of NZTO technology

This radiator will work forever. We will not persuade you, just provide facts about our technology:

Resistance to harsh climatic conditions

The radiator is fully functioning at ambient temperatures from -50 to +40 C, including conditions of increased corrosion.

Improved heat dissipation

copper-brass radiator core gives 2 times more heat in comparison with aluminum.

Increased vibration resistance

Using polymer seals made of specialized fluorosilicon commodity has reduced vibration loads on welds to a minimum.


Any damages can be removed and replaced in the field using simple hand tools, and often without removing the cooler from equipment. Damaged tubes are easily to dismantle and replace avoiding idle equipment.

Who benefits from our technology?

01 Companies that use heavy - duty special equipment

Quarries, all types of mines (especially coal mines), mine drilling equipment, diesel generator sets

02 Manufacturing and service enterprises

Favorable terms for purchase and sale of our products

03 Special equipment spare parts distributors

Favorable terms for purchase and distributing our product